Abstract Submission Deadline: 31 May 2021
Abstract Acceptance Notification: 15 June 2021
Payment Deadline for Accepted Abstracts: 30 June 2021
Submission Deadline from the Winners: 30 June 2021
Congress Date: 13 - 15 August 2021



  1. All abstracts must be submitted online.
  2. Abstracts must be written in clear English.
  3. The abstract body/text should be structured into the 4 sections: Background, Methods, Results, Conclusions.
  4. The abstract body may be no more than a maximum of 250 words for Poster & Video, 350 words for Oral.
  5. No tables, graphs or images are allowed.
  6. Ensure that your abstract is grammatically correct and free of typographical errors.
  7. Please check the presenting author when you type the author information online.
  8. If you do not receive an email confirmation, it means we have no record of your submission.If you are sure you made a submission, check the email address that you used to make your submission.
  9. Abstracts must be submitted by 31 May 2021, for consideration by the Committee. Authors will be notified of acceptance of abstracts by 15 June 2021, including the presentation type it has been accepted for.
  10. For an abstract to be formally accepted, included in the program, the presenting author must be registered to attend the Congress by 30 June 2021.



1 Poster Format: PNG 
Content: Intro, Case Presentation, Discussion, Conclusion
Layout: Portrait or Landscape ( 2mb +-)
For Portrait: A4 size, 2480 pixels width x 3508 pixels height
For Landscape: PowerPoint, Ratio: 16:9
2 Video

Format: Pre-recorded video presentation of 3 minutes & Poster in PNG ( PowerPoint,
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 )
Content: Short Case Presentation ( Narration to be included into the video )
Layout: Horizontal / Landscape

3 Oral Format: Pre-recorded oral presentation of 7 minutes (mp4) & Poster in PNG ( Aspect Ratio: 16:9 )
Content: Intro, Methodology & Objective, Results, Conclusion ( max 15 slides ) 
Layout: Horizontal / Landscape



9 Winners in 3 Categories for Abstract Submission. A certificate will be awarded to the winners and photos of the winners will be published on the Congress Website.

Category First Prize First Runner-up Second Runner-up
Poster MYR 500 MYR 300 MYR 200
Video MYR 700 MYR 500 MYR 300
Oral MYR 1000 MYR 750 MYR 500