FAQ / Help

01. New Registration-How do I register for the virtual congress?
  1. Click "REGISTRATION" and it will lead you to the Registration Fee page
  2. Registration Fee Page: Scroll down the fee table, to arrive at “REGISTER NOW (MALAYSIA)” or “REGISTER NOW INTERNATIONAL” delegate.
  3. Select the category that you are in as a delegate and the virtual congress that you would like to join (e.g. MyHPB Members (MyHPB Symposium + ALHC 3.5 RM75.00)
  4. Proceed to create your Virtual Congress “Log-In ID”. Fill in your Full Name, Email, Set Password & Repeat Password. Click “PROCEED”
  5. Personal Details Fields are a mandatory, in order to proceed to the payment gateway (Title, First Name, Last Name, Passport Number / IC Number, Designation, Institution and Contact Details – Mobile Number, Address & Country). To save registration, click on “SAVE & PROCEED”
  6. Congress Registration Page, the description will show the registration category selected and the payment status. Click “PAY” to proceed with payment.
  7. Proforma Invoice Page shows your personal detaials and the amount to pay. Scroll down and “Choose Payment Method”.
  8. “CREDIT CARD or DEBIT CARD” then click “PAY”.
  9. Key in your credit / debit card number & details and click “PAY”.
  10. Once payment transaction is done, you will receive the notification through your register email that you have created in step 4.
02. I have signed up access
  1. Click “REGISTRATION “and it will lead you to the Registration Fee page.
  2. Scroll to the bottom to - If you already register, click the button below to sign in “SIGN IN”
  3. Key in your Email Address & Password that was created when you first registered.
  4. This will lead you to your Registered Account view.
03.What is the inclusion for the registration fee?
  1. The registration fee entitles the participants to attend the selected individual
  2. Virtual congress sessions on the selected option
  3. Virtual exhibition booths
  4. Access to recorded conference lectures for 60 days after the conference
  5. CPD Points
04. Will I receive a certificate of participation?

i.  A certificate of participation is available after 1 week of the conference

05. What are the minimum technical platform requirements?
  • Device: The virtual platform is accessible with any device that can connect to the internet through a browser and the experience is fully responsive to all devices.

  • For optimal experience, we recommend using Laptop, Computer or any large screen devices (Android or iOS). If you are using a mobile device, please view the screen in landscape mode.

  • When using an Android device i.e. Apple iPad or iPhone you will need to click on the media play button to begin the presentation. Android and Apple iOS devices do not permit automatic launch of streaming.

  • Operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Android 4.4, Apple Mac OS X 10.9+, Apple iOS 12+
    Internet browser: Chrome or Firefox are recommended for the best experience.

  • Minimum internet connection: 5 Mbps for seamless video playback

  • Minimum screen resolution for optimal experience: 1024 x 768

  • Allow JavaScript and Cookies

  • Disable pop-up blockers, ad blockers or VPN for the Virtual conference platform URL

  • Firewalls: Use without a VPN is possible, if in line with the legal conditions of your country, but content is accessible without a VPN by default. We encourage you to disconnect from this when watching or interacting with the platform during the event days. The organiser is not responsible for the default restrictions of your institute or company internet provider, network or state.

  • Clear your cookies and cache: If you experience any issues accessing the platform we suggest you clear your browser cookies and cache.

06. Internet connection requirements

You may view the virtual experience on a slower connection, however, some users may experience load times that are longer than normal with larger content items. We recommend:

  • A strong Wi-Fi connection or hardwired internet connection of at least 5 Mbps
  • Disconnect from VPN or corporate networks (if possible)
  • Disable ad blocker or pop-up blocker
  • Close any unnecessary applications
  • Refrain from browsing the internet, streaming media and/or downloading large files during this time
07. I am having trouble with my display, I can’t see anything on the platform.

The recommended resolution for your display is at least a 1024x768 or higher resolution. Please ensure that your browser zoom level is set correctly so you can see everything. In most browsers you can use Ctrl+0 to reset your zoom level or Ctrl + [scroll in or out with your mouse or keypad]. This option can also be found in the tools or view menu.

If you are using a tablet, please view in a landscape mode.

08. I am having trouble with audio.

There are many things you can check:

  • You may click unmute button show on the screen
  • You may check the volume on the stream player, it will be at the bottom right corner
  • If you have internal speakers, make sure they are not muted
  • If you have external speakers, make sure they are powered on and are not muted
  • Make sure you have not lost internet connectivity
  • Run a System Check on the prerequisites aforementioned
09. Is the programme translated?

Unfortunately, translation service is not available.

10. How do I access the live broadcast sessions during the congress?
  • If you are in the Congress Lobby, click the Session Hall blinking button. 
  • Alternatively, you may click on the programme button on the menu bar.
  • When a session is ongoing, you will be able to see the word "LIVE" and a blinking button indicating "Join Now", click the button to join the live session.
  • Delegates attending live sessions may ask questions on the right panel of your screen.
11. How do I see the congress abstracts?

Congress abstracts are available, click on ‘Abstracts’ at the navigation bar on the top of the screen.

12. How do I access the exhibition?
  • Meet our exhibitors by clicking on ‘Exhibition Hall’ located at the Virtual Lobby.
  • Or click on 'Exhibition' on the navigation bar on top of your screen.
13. How can I share my contact details with exhibitors I visit?

When you visit an exhibitor stand you may instant message the person.

  • Instant messages between you and an exhibitor are saved by the exhibitor.
14. What personal data is visible on the Virtual Congress platform?

Only your full name is made visible while you access the virtual platform.

Throughout the platform you will find multiple opportunities to ask for help, to send questions during sessions. In all instances only the name is shown.

15. How is my data giving me access to the Virtual Congress platform been used?

The virtual platform provider has established a single sign-in-experience for delegates. For ease of use access, delegates can use their registration profile login and password to access the Virtual Congress. The organiser remains the data controller.

16. Will the content be available after the Congress?

Yes, the virtual platform with the recorded sessions will be accessible for 2 months after the congress. The video-on-demand will contain all the sessions from the official programme and will be available to paid delegates only.

17. Will I be able to register for the congress after the closing date?

Yes, you may register by click on the "Registration" button at your navigation bar.

18. Are there CPD points for the event?

Only applicable to Malaysian doctors

You will be able to claim your CPD points under the MMA CPD system by scanning the QR code which will be provided on the 2nd day of the event for MyHPB 2021.  
Please note that you are required to scan only ONCE if you signed up for MyHPB Symposium and ASEAN LHC 3.5

19. My question is not listed here. Whom do I contact?

Please contact events@myhpbs.com for assistance

20. Lucky Draw : How do I collect the "Stamp" while visiting virtual exhibitor booth? Will it be refreshed daily?

The stamp will only appear after 1 minute on the bottom left of your screen. Say Hello to our exhibitors & click on the stamp that appeared. All booth Stamps will be reset Daily.